What I want in a “notebook” app

With the demise of Google Note­book, I’ve been look­ing for a replace­ment.  There are many suit­ors, but none fit the bill — not that GN did either. I need some­thing that enables the fol­low­ing workflow:

1. Cap­ture and tag ele­ments of web pages into notes, com­plete with source metadata.
2. Orga­nize notes into col­lec­tions (e.g. note­books) with sections.
3. Move notes around, with­in and between note­books and sections.
4. Add more notes, not linked to web pages, dur­ing this process.
5. Export note­books into oth­er media, such as a web page or a Google Doc for pub­li­ca­tion or fur­ther editing.

Basi­cal­ly, the app needs to fol­low the work­flow of doing research on the web and cre­at­ing doc­u­ments from the col­lect­ed notes.

Google Note­book had most of this, but was clu­unky.  Zoho Note­book does­n’t let you move notes from one note­book to anoth­er, or even between sec­tions of a note­book.  It also has very lim­it­ed export options and behaves more like a slide show tool than a note tak­ing app.  Diigo does­n’t orga­nize col­lect­ed notes into note­books; they are just asso­ci­at­ed with the source web page.  Ever­note looks like it is designed to replace sticky notes as mem­o­ry aids, not index cards as research tools.  Zotero behaves too much like a ref­er­ence manager.

As far as I know, there’s noth­ing like what I need or want.  So I will have to make it at some point.

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